As a faith & fashion blogger, modesty is a big topic for me. I get a lot of positive comments as well some criticism when it comes to what I choose to wear and call modest. I believe it's time to set a few things straight, and let you all know where I stand.  

1. Modesty has nothing to do with your salvation (going to heaven or not)

If you dress immodestly it doesn't mean your going to hell. Just like if you lie, cheat, steal, it doesn't mean your going to hell. Although, that doesn't make it right, and that doesn't make it not a sin. When we fool ourselves to think dressing modestly will get us into heaven, we are saying that our actions are good enough, and we didn't need Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. By following God's commandments we can live a fuller more joyful life, and honor him; that should be our motivation.  

2. Modesty starts from within

You can cover your entire body up, but still seduce someone with your actions, words, and subtle hints. If you read your bible, pray, worship, etc. your desire to dress modestly will naturally increase as you grow closer to God. Our goal should not be  to draw attention to ourself, but instead point others to God. More often then not I fall very short of this standard, because I think about my clothes before my heart. 1 Timothy 2:9 "Women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control."  

3. There is no biblical dress code

In the new testament Paul never told women to make sure their skirts were longer than finger tip length. I'm sure he could have given us some more direction, but I assume he didn't because that would have made us think Christianity is all about the rules. We aren't Christians because we are sinless, we are Christians because we are sinful and need a savior! I recommend you set your own personal rules for modesty. Example: If it's too short for me to wear to church, than it's too short for me to wear anywhere.  

4. Your view on modesty is culturally influenced (whether you like it or not)

I could be wearing jeans and get comments from one group that they are too tight, and another that my jeans are too loose.  If you are amish, or only allowed to wear long skirts, then yes, what I'm wearing will be considered immodest to you. If you choose to closely follow main stream society, than you will have a totally different opinion. I know God has the same standard for all of us; we get there using different paths, but by the same means (seeking God for wisdom and clarity).  

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