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#AcceptedByHim: Eann Tuan

As a Taiwanese American, I could never quite find my place. I was juggling two different worlds. At home, I would eat delicious Taiwanese beef noodle soup, but then at school eat a PB&J sandwich. I was always embarrassed to invite friends over to my house for fear that they would think that it smelled "gross." When I went to college, however, I slowly began to appreciate my culture. I started to crave my dad's handmade dumplings and sticky rice and even took a Chinese class. Recently, a new friend told me "you're so Asian!" Many years ago, I would have been horrified at this comment, but now, I consider it one of the greatest compliments. I am so proud to be an "ABC" (American Born Chinese) and I know now that God created me to be just that. I am #acceptedbyhim.

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  • Eann, I’m right there with you as an Indian women raised in America. Never knew my place in school and sometimes even in college and sometimes even now as an adult. But God has done all things perfectly and am accepted by Him. Thanks for sharing your story.


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