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Both Jewelry Displays I got at Michael's Craft store, they also have white ones, as well as other sizes. The purse display is actually the punch bowl from my great grandmother wedding! I love displaying my accessories for a few reasons, one, because it allows me to find everything much easier and never miss something as I'm looking for accessories for an outfit. It also gives my room a "boutique" feel which I always love! In the background of the last picture is another way I display my jewelry, it's a rod iron frame holder from Home Goods, you can check that out in more detail here.


  • Joelle, I must say I love all you do everything, is well put togather and just beautiful. You are by far the most talent young women I know. Keep up the good work you are really blessed, god loves you and so do I. stay sweet Love to family Auntie Doris.

    Doris Rachael
  • Love it Joelle!!! :)

    Jennifer Prudencio

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