Because I'm Free

 Check out this short and sweet article by Cindy of  A Chic Tale, about what it means to reflect God with what you wear! Thank you Cindy for sharing your thoughts with us!


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It is not enough to acknowledge His existence if we don't live in such a way that reflects His existence. I can dress to appease rules, traditions and elders but if in that doing I failed to consider what God has to say about my style choice, then I failed to acknowledge Him and ultimately reflect Him.

It took a while before I understood the depths of that statement but when I finally understood, that's when my style took a hit. I'm young and made beautifully and wonderfully by an intentional creator which means I should embrace the stage I am in. Embracing that stage can be in the form of a sweet fashion sense but all while remembering that in all I do I am reflecting Him, his love, his mercy and above all his coverage. So be free to express your style, God's not looking for frumpy, he's looking to carve out the beautiful and that goes beyond wardrobe. It's the beauty that reflects a Jesus loving heart. Check out Cindy's Blog at  

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