Beverly Hills

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  Right now I'm in California with my family, we are traveling all over the state with our first stop being Los Angeles! We spent the majority of our time in Santa Monica, where the style was more of a beachy casual feel. Our last day in LA we spent roaming around Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I loved walking in and out of stores, and being able to touch and feel clothes that I had only seen on the Milan and Paris Runway through my computer screen. It was so easy for me to get caught up in the idea that money brings happiness, and day dreaming what it would be like if I could buy anything I wanted. The reality is that Jesus is the one true thing that can bring me that joy that I was seeking today, what a refreshing reminder that he is available for all that seek him!   ps. The pants and bag in this post are hand-me-downs! The pants are from my friends grandma... haha! I proved everyone wrong when I chose them! ;)     [show_shopthepost_widget id="124927"]    

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  • I am so happy you got this time to be here in beverly hills I hope you enjoyed it all I thank god for you every day that you or in my life.God will help you my you much Auntie.

    Doris Rachael

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