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Boston en Vogue

This was my first year doing Boston Fashion Week, and I had the pleasure of attending some truly stunning shows! One of the shows was at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  Here Daniela Corte was showcasing her collection of earth and Mexico inspired pieces. I appreciated the earthy tones, and relaxed fit, as though the fabric was strategically draped over each model.  
IMG_8241 IMG_8265 IMG_8342   During the second show of the night I got interviewed by WEBN's reporter Priscilla Liguori, you can see part of the interview here. I loved the second location, it was quite unconventional, a church on Newbury St. At first I wasn't quite sure about the idea of a church being used for a fashion show. I was quickly reminded that God's territory is the entire earth, and a church is no more holy then a school in God's eyes. He calls us to worship and honor him no matter where we are.   IMG_8382   My favorites looks from the night featured bold colors, and crop tops, by Fly Girl Couture.  I appreciated that both these looks were very trendy, but also had classic components, like the padded shoulders and checkered pattern.   IMG_8493 IMG_8486   What do you guys think of the below bathing suit? Is it a bathing suit, I hope so! I love how modern they made this one piece look, I'm always in favor of sparkles and bright colors.   IMG_8410      

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