Burgundy Hues

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Cardigan: H&M

Vest Dress: Marshalls

Bag: Ralph Lauren (here)

Boots: H&M

Photos: Stephanie Schafer

After a while I get sick of seeing the leggings and over-sized sweater combo (although I think it's very cute), and I want to switch it up. I love this look because it's very chic, without sacrificing warmth! The vest dress buttons up in the front and is lined with ruffles along the sides. I paired the vest with a button up cardigan I bought at H&M a few years ago, mainly because of the trendy elbow pads! Let's face it, leggings are very comfortable, and has become most girls "go-to" item in the winter, so I wanted to provide some inspiration for ways to wear them and still cover your butt!


  • Ida Pahus

    What a beautiful style! Please post more videos on youtube soon! I really miss them!!

  • Joelle

    Thanks so much Ida! Just posted one today!! :) Thanks for always sharing kind words! <3

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