Chasing the Sun


Let's be Twins!

Last Thursday I rushed out of work with my oh-so-comfortable stretchy black pants , and a shirt from about 10 seasons ago. I headed straight for the Liberty Hotel to sneak into their not-so-public women's restroom to transform myself for this shoot. It didn't take me long before I realized that I had gained a few lbs since I tried this dress on in the fitting room of my fav thrift store FOUND, and that row of exactly 30 tiny buttons in the back weren't going to button themselves. Thankfully this very VERY nice lady saw me struggling as I would inhale before attempting each button loop, and graciously offered her services. As you read this post you may be sitting in silence, so I'd like to give you an accurate picture of what myself and my lovely photographer were hearing.  Just picture a giant outdoor Zumba class of 300 people, all sweating to Bialando by Enrique Iglesias. Shoutout to Zumba on the Esplande for the rare photo shoot background music.   FL7A4898 FL7A4920 FL7A4859 FL7A4892 FL7A4782.jpg

Dress by Free People from FOUND | Vince Camuto Shoes | Michel Kors Watch (here) | Abigail Jean Photography


  • Joelle Angel

    Haha! The struggle is real! We’ll do anything for a good shot! Thanks so much for your sweet comment <3

  • Downtown Demure

    Oh boy. I know that crazy struggle photo-shoot well. I often have to “transform” in the back of car while covering the windows with sheet and clothes. Haha! Your shoot turned out beautifully! You are stunning, Joelle!

  • My Sunday Dress

    Thank you so much! It was definitely fun to shoot such a flowy dress! I love your blog too, loved your pictures in Italy!

  • Liubov

    I love your style.
    The look is perfect!

  • My Sunday Dress

    Hi Tara! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry that it took me so long to respond to your comment, literally months! You’re blog is super nice, I love your photos and theme! Thanks for reaching out, your sister Lisa is really sweet! We should def connect, my email is! xo

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