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Christian Fashion Week

A few weeks ago was the first ever Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida! It was an amazing time filled with people who love God as well as fashion. Below are some highlights and pictures from the weekend.



What made it a “Christian” fashion week?

  • The girls and guys had separate dressing rooms. Typically during runway shows, all of the outfit changes happen in one place–yes, that means girls and guys changing in front of each other. In order to honor God with every aspect of the show, both on stage and behind the scenes, girls and guys had separate dressing rooms.

  • All honor and glory was given to God. The success, great turnout and inspired fashions were not recognized without thanking God and praising Him for the natural skills and passions of those involved.

  • The beneficiary was a Christian organization. Many of the funds raised by this event went to a beneficiary called Created. This organization goes to the streets, in clubs and to the darkest places where women are forced to sell their bodies, and they share the gospel with them and let them know God loves them!

  • Women-only bathing suit runway show. The night started with a runway show displaying modest, but stylish, bathing suits. What set this portion of the night apart was that ONLY women were allowed to attend. The founders believed this would remove any awkwardness on the part of the models and the guests, and allow for an interactive time between the models and the audience after the show.



Friday night there was a VIP reception for the designers, models, media, founders, volunteers and family of those involved. There was a silent auction, and all the money went to their beneficiary, Created. They served non-alcoholic drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It was a great time to network as well as hear and share each others’ stories!

Saturday night was the main event! The runway show consisted of seven designers, each with a unique style and twist to their designs. Their challenge was to create modest, God-honoring, super cute outfits for the Christian community. Below are examples of some of the outfits!




One of the amazing things about this event was that it wasn’t just a great time for Christians who love fashion, but it was also a testimony to the models of God’s love and care for us, Christian or not. With separate dressing rooms and a women-only swimsuit show, there will be no other time in their careers when they feel more respected and cared for because of who they are versus what they can provide.

Below is a picture of myself (left) and my friend Silva (right) during the main show on Saturday night.


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