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DIY Closet Wall


So one of the most exciting I did when I moved into my first apartment just a few weeks ago was create a closet wall! I did tons of research to find the cheapest way to do it, but still accomplish everything I wanted. I found closet systems costing around $600, and I knew that just wasn't going to work. All in all I spent a total of $51 dollars for my closet wall! Read further for information about how you can create your very own closet wall!





Below I used the Ikea Mulig clothes bar (here), which are an unbelievable $4.99 each. Make sure you buy the package of screws because it doesn't come with any to attach the bar to the wall, but at that price I couldn't complain! The bar is adjustable so you can make it anywhere from 2' to 3' long!


To create the shoe and jewelry shelves I purchased Ikea's Plain white shelves at 31" and brought them to home depot to cut them down to 21." To fasten them to the walls I purchased brackets at Ikea (here).


And for the rest of my not so glam items...


Wall Closet Ingredients!

Closet Bars (3): here

Wall Brackets: (12): here

Shelves (6): here

White Cubes: similar here

Please send me pics if you create a closet wall yourself, I'd love to see!