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Glam Up Your Room


Build your Own Vanity

Got a Built in book shelf? turn it into a vanity!  Just take out some of the shelves, add a unique mirror, and a classy chair, and your in business.  I put a piece of granite on the surface so it could withstand the heat from a straightener/curler (You can usually get granite samples at places that sell kitchens). It's a great idea to have a dry erase marker and write reminders on your mirror about how we are viewed in God's eyes, for example "Let your internal beauty be what shines today!"



Your Very Own Store  

In our closest we tend to hide all of our favorite shoes, purses, scarfs etc. when they each can make a statement in them self.  I like to display my favorite accessories to give a personal flare to my room! I found this 4-shelf unit on the side of the road with a FREE sign on it! Keep your eyes open for any cool pieces of furniture like this!



Frame Holder... or Jewelry Display?

This was originally designed to be mounted on a wall and holding 4 small frames.  I saw it a little differently...the curly rod iron ends are great for holding rings, the little arms coming out are perfect for bracelets and watching, and the necklaces hang wherever else their is room! You can buy frame holders at Home Goods, Marshall, target, etc.



Home Made Headboard 

My sisters room was in need of a makeover and what better way then introduce a hand made headboard! We got a long thin piece of wood, bought a fluffy white blanket from Marshalls  stapled the blanket to the wood, and the wood to the wall!



Fresh Coat of Paint

My neighbor was giving away this dresser, it was brown, beaten up, and dingy.  A fresh coat of paint on this dresser made all the difference.  You'd be amazed what this mindset could lead you to find when shopping at a yard sale!



Ambiance Lighting 

Being able to turn off the overhead light in your room and turn on some ambiance, can make a huge difference in the feel of your room. Lighting that makes fun patterns on the walls can easily add some style. I love having low key lighting for when I'm spending time with God reading the bible, or praying, it calms me down and allows me to focus on what I'm doing. 



Replace Your Closet Handles

My closet came with small plastic handles, and switching those out for some fun ones from Home Depot was a quick and easy way to add elegance! Find some handles that represent you, and what's in your closet!



  • Aww thanks so much Auntie Doris, you are so sweet! I hope you come visit you soon! God Bless You!!

  • Oh girl u really have it going, I have never seen such work done everything is just beautiful I know mother is very proud as am I keep up the good work love u and God bless you. ..auntie Doris

    Doris Rachael
  • Love this Joelle! SO CUTE! You are FABULOUS!! <3

    megan girmaiy

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