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HELP...Church is Boring

Growing up I always thought church was supposed to be boring. You go to church because you are supposed to, listen to the sermon, chat at coffee hour, and repeat. BREAKING NEWS: Church should be one of the most enjoyable times of your entire week...God's word is FAR from boring, but we need to play our part too! Here are some tips for getting the absolute most out of church!


1. Take Notes 

I love taking notes at church, rarely do I go back and read them later but it helps me pay attention and organize my thoughts. Taking notes is a great way to stay engaged and absorb the information as you go, and then you can always look back at your notes later if something stood out to you.


2. Ask Questions

On top of taking notes, write down questions while you are listening. I guarantee if you are really paying attention there are at least 5 question that come up during a sermon that if answered could really start giving you a better understanding of the bible. Usually if you have a question it could mean God is trying to teach you something in that area, and it can be excited to dig for those answers online, ask someone at church, or even email me.


3. Discuss

I would say after most church services there is only a 1% chance that people actually discuss what they just heard. This is were it gets personal, and you start thinking of ways to apply what you just learned. GREAT, you just sat through a 20- 60 minute what? Talk to your friends about what stood out to you, what you want to change in your life, ways for them to hold you accountable, and more.

Feel free to comment and share other ways that you get the most out of church! 



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