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High Neck Garden Dress

Welcome to the third post in my new series called "Beauty Revealed." If you've seen my previous posts you will notice that I am aiming to go beyond fashion. I want to talk about beauty from a 360 degree view. This means that I get to talk about my love for style, but also my love for God, and how your life changes when you enter into a relationship with Jesus.  

BEAUTY REVEALED through Style 

  P7091595   I was so excited when I found this dress on for $16 when it was originally $80 #score. I am all about shopping the sales, thrifting, and bargaining. You can usually find more unique items on these racks because all of the items left are usually ones that are too loud for the average consumer. I bought this dress while I was going crazy buying clothes for my honeymoon, and although I didn't wear it in Punta Cana, I'm definitely enjoying the benefits of it now! I love that the high neck style is coming back in fashion because it avoids any chance of cleavage, and happens to be flattering.

Buy this dress by clicking the photo below! <3

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.31.13 PM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Go out of your comfort zone and purchase a pair of sunglasses you wouldn't normally wear. The right pair can make any outfit look fashionable and intentional! Same thing with patterns, I typically go for very chic and plain pattern, but I wanted to switch it up for this look, so I bought this dress before loving it, but it has since grown on me.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I love this bag in part because it's cute, but primarily because it was my Nana's. Whenever I look back at pictures from when she was in her 20's/30's I see so many similarities between our style.   This post was very fun to shoot! I did it with two of my friends/co-workers during lunch. It was a unique shoot because one friend (Stephanie) was in charge of photography, and my other friend (Diana) took control of the creative direction. Thanks to them I got some fun shots like the one below.   P7091532  

Asos Dress (here) | Vintage Purse from my Nana | Ivanka Trump Shoes | Loft sunglasses (here) | Photography Stephanie Schafer | Creative Direction Diana Lisanto


BEAUTY REVEALED through Actions

Matthew 6:25 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Weekly Challenge: Why is it that as humans we more often than not default to worrying? It takes time and energy, and in the end produces negative results. Be aware of yourself this week and take note of what you spend time worrying about. Even if it a very legitimate situation that warrants concern, I challenge you to resort first to prayer. Let prayer be your natural reaction to worry.


  • Hi Iris! Thanks for reading my post and for sharing your comments! I agree, praise God for nana’s! That’s a very accurate way of putting something that we consider to be normal! Thanks for sharing that, very eye opening.

    My Sunday Dress
  • Thank you so much Rania for your sweet comment! I struggled for a while to figure out how to create a post format that combines the two things that I am most passionate about, which is my faith and fashion, so it means alot when someone shares positive feedback! I agree, worrying is something that almost just comes so naturally that we rarely stop to realize how powerful it is when we place our worry in God’s hands!

    My Sunday Dress
  • Gorgeous dress, Joelle (!) and that bag is adorable! Praise God for nana’s!

    I read years ago something that sobered me up in a sense about worry. That worrying is calling God a liar. He is Jehovah Jireh meaning “The Lord Will Provide”. When we worry we are turing inward not upward.

  • This is such a beautiful series, and a lovely outfit to go with it! Worrying is a personal challenge for me, and even a few moments of prayer can lift the weight off my shoulders. I’m going to make a more conscious effort to switch off and just let Him take over. Excited to read more of your posts gorgeous!

    Xo Rania

  • This is my first time on your blog… I found it through the Boston Bloggers FB page. I don’t know how it took me so long to find you! I love love love your blog and style! After reading your post I realized we have a lot of things in common. First of all, I love that you talk about Jesus on your blog. I have a very deep relationship with him as well. Second, I am also married:)…

    This definitely became one of my favorite Boston blogs:)!

    Instant Milk

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