Is Fashion Essential for Today's Society?




The real question we've been asking ourselves, Is fashion essential for today's society? Whether you've ever opposed with another on what to wear or the nasty facial expression made when gazing at a photo of an outfit ensemble that was once trendy “back-in-the-day”, fashion plays a major role in most of everyone’s daily lives.

Depending on what style of clothing worn by a certain individual, as human-beings, it’s natural for us to make assumptions on what income someone makes, occupation they work in, and what rank they withhold in their social living. “Fashion does not simply consist of the clothes we pick out of our closets in the morning. That daily decision only constitutes the last step of a much larger process, one that involves federal trade agreements, foreign sweatshops, multi-billion dollar businesses, celebrities on red carpets, and sophisticated advertising campaigns. Fashion emerges out of pattern-making and design, the cultivation and production of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and the distribution of the finished product. Along the way, fashion generates a publicity blitz that inundates men and women of all ages, constantly conveying cultural standards of beauty and generating new trends- or old trends re-worked and recycled to become new again- that become the popularly coveted ‘look’ of a decade or a generation, clearly states. In a sense, this creates fashion to be a self-expression of one’s self, interests, and tastes- combined to present themselves in the manner he or she would like to be best represented as. Fashion is best defined as: conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., especially for polite society, or conformity to it.  Believe it or not, fashion adds a sense of beauty, color, and overall interest to society. It allows not only different sets of cultures but also individuals to express themselves physically. Not only can it be the design of a piece of clothing, but can also be a form of expressing one’s self with their own style, tastes, and personalities. The phrase, “Don’t judge a book, by its cover,” is unfortunately not followed by in the society that has erupted into what it’s known now today. Fashion is a way to express one’s self freely that gives someone a chance to say something important to the world on who they are and want to be.

“The idea that fashion is important is a result of the current time in which a person’s societal status is based on how much material wealth they have and how they look from an outward appearance,” an anonymous blogger once wrote. Considering the selfish existent culture, yes, you could argue fashion to be a form of showing the social rank you “place yourself in”. Indeed, the opposition may have his or her strong claim on stating what is true. On the other hand, I believe fashion is not given the credit it truly deserves.

Additionally, there is a wide variety of numerous opportunities offered to the world that goes beyond the physical appearance of a human-being. Bringing forth competition and creative originality to the table, fashion gives those who are interested openings to build a solid career that offers individuals a chance to offer their own ideas to be displayed and shared around the world.

“Style fades. Fashion is eternal,” quoted by the famous, Yves Saint Laurent. Transitioning from bell bottom flares to tight skinny jeans, trends will never stay the same. “When you take a look at your wardrobe, it’s full of pieces of clothing that define you, what you feel most comfortable in that expresses who you are,” InStyle editors proclaim. When the word, fashion comes to mind, it  should not be about the major French designers known around the world or the amount of economic social status, but the way, YOU, as an individual, are able to best define yourself to humanity.

Stay fabulous, my lovelies!



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