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 Shirt: Asos

Pants: Express

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Typically I get up for work as late as possible, rush to get ready, and catch my train. There are few things I will get up earlier for, but a photo shoot with Dariel is one of them! Last time we shot near where I work, so this time we did the shoot close to the sea port area near her office. At work we are allowed (practically encouraged) to dress casually, so I like to do the heels jeans combo! These jeans are from express, I bought them when I used to work there for a discount, they are my fav mostly because of their wash (faded and distressed, but not holes). Crazy as it is, these shoes were inspired by mom friend's mom who wore them to her grad party, and I knew RIGHT AWAY I had to have them! I've also been loving the high neck sleeveless trend, this top I purchased at a store in Cali when I was there! After the shoot it was about a 20 minute walk back so I didn't wear the shoes, sorry to disappoint! :)


  • Joelle

    Hi! Thanks for your comment, I truly appreciate all positive and negative feedback because I believe each person has a point based off of their background, and experience! I think with modestly there are many fine lines and modesty to one person may be offensive to another. I am definitely going to be on a content journey of figuring out what modesty means to me, all I do know is that the desire to honor God will bring you closer and closer to a firm understanding! xox, Joelle

  • Onlooker

    Interesting…this outfit shows an interesting view of the concept of ‘modesty’. Just because you don’t have cleavage showing or a skirt up to there does not mean you’re ‘modest’. This outfit is extremely sexy, shows off ALL your curves, and those are some of the sexiest shoes I’ve ever seen. I’m not judging you at all I just think you may be confused as to what ‘modesty’ actually looks like.

  • dariel | a daily dose of Vitamin D

    I agree, I allllways will get up for a shoot with you…working out, not so much!

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