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Jesus Friend of Sinners

Check out this awesome guest post by My Sunday Dress girl Catherine! She has taken the very popular song "Jesus Friend of Sinners" by  Casting Crowns and broken it down to make it relatable to your everyday life at school, work, etc.


Jesus Friend of Sinners: Casting Crowns (Song Below)

By: Catherine Garcia I absolutely love this song! Why? It emphasizes the truth about the reason for why Christ came. Not only that but the reason for why even as believers we constantly need Him, because He desires to use us as part of His perfect plan!  I am going to break down a few verse of the song and explain why each section is so important:

Verse 1

            “Jesus friend of sinners the truth’s become so hard to see, the world is on their way to you, but their tripping over me. Always looking around but never looking up, I’m so double minded.” How many times have we judged the girl with the mohawk, or the boy with all the tattoos? Maybe it is even a personality trait that is considered socially unacceptable.  Nevertheless, we still have some kind of opinion about them. I am guilty of this myself, I literally have to STOP that thought and train my mind to start thinking the way Christ would. Jesus came and said that none of that matters, as long as we are running after him he will take us as we are, because only by being "friends with Jesus" can we become like Jesus.


   “Oh, Jesus friend of sinners open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers. Let our hearts be led by mercy. Help us reach with open arms and open doors. Oh, Jesus friend of sinners, break our hearts for what breaks yours” The very people we are judging are the very people Jesus came for.  In Mark 2:17 Jesus says He came for the sick not the for those who are well. He purposely hung out with those both physically and spiritually afflicted. We need to continually get on our knees and beg God to humble us before Him. We live in a very wounded and hurting world, and He chose to use us in order to  reach out to them with a loving heart.We were not saved to be selfish, but to allow the Lord to use our lives as a testimony and as an avenue for Him to bless others! Everyone has come across people who are outcasts among society but we are too afraid to approach them because we wonder what others will think. Well. . .we are living for Christ not for the world. “ If the world hates you, realize that it hated me before it hated you. If you have anything in common with the world , the world would love you as one of its own. But you don’t have anything in common with the world. I chose you from the world, and that’s why the world hates you.” (John 15:19).  I think it is pretty safe to say that if we are not experiencing some form of persecution every once in awhile due to our faith, we aren’t really doing our job as believers. We ARE the light of the world and when people look at us they must be able to clearly see Jesus being a friend of sinners. Just to clarify, Christian's are sinners too.  Even Jesus said "Let the non sinner throw the first stone," John 8:7.  This means do not judge unless you are perfect yourself. Only Jesus is perfect, so therefore it is not our job to judge but instead to love and represent Christ as best we can!    


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  • Absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing girl!

  • That was good stuff Catherine.Keep on writeing your good at it.

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