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Tee: JCLU Forever (here)

Skirt: INC (Macy's)

Shoes: Wild Diva (Amazon)

Bag: Chanel (Goodwill)

Photos By: Talin Avakian

Ok I have to say this is one of my all time favorite t-shirt outfits! This JCLU Forever Tee not only complimented, but pulled the outfit together! I wore this outfit during my recent trip to NYC, and got tons of compliments even as I was shooting with my best friends Talin Avakian. I love the chic feel of this look, without compromising modesty or boldness! Who knew tweed and a tee were the perfect combo! These strapy shoes seem to go with everything lately. I got them on amazon for a pretty good price, and they've quickly proven their worth! By the way, I hope you guys all like my new hair cut!!

xox, Joelle

Please comment your thoughts!! Thanks!


  • Thanks so much Ida! Your so sweet!

  • Love your new cut! You look absolutely stunning!

    Ida Pahus

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