Model or ROLE Model?

I love how My Sunday Dress Girl Lauren takes the topic of Appearance and Popularity and really puts it into perspective. This is a great read! Comment if you can relate!


Still feeling down from that Victoria’s Secret fashion show a little while ago? Many models (not all, there are many models that have invested their life in Christ in addition to having a passion to model) spend their entire life focused on something that just doesn’t last: outward appearance. Is that what you want to invest your life in? Sure, if we all had trainers, dietitians, and makeup artists, I’m sure we would all be “gorgeous” by the world’s standards. But give it a few years. What happens when there’s nothing left to do to yourself physically and your age and heart is all that’s left? Then what? You see, when you spend your entire life working on something to just please the world, it gives you nothing real in the end. It is not eternal. But God is. Put your focus on God, not your looks. Trends and faces come and go- but God doesn’t. He is with us at ALL times. When you take your last breath one day, will your looks and material items really matter? No. But if you dedicate your life to carrying out God’s will, your last breath will be a sigh and a smile- because you can “rest” with the assurance that you are about to meet Jesus. And then stay with Him. Unlike this world, your eternal life in Heaven will last. Forever.


Now let’s put this into perspective in your own life.

In your hallways at school. 

Gorgeous girls are a dime a dozen. There are drop dead "perfect" girls at every school. We all can think of them. They just seem to have everything going for them. Their hair is never out of place and their smile can lure anyone in like a fishing reel. But if there’s one of these girls at EVERY school (which there is) then what makes them better than anyone else? Beauty doesn’t mean you are a bad person, don’t get me wrong. We all are beautiful on the outside, I promise. We are God’s creation and He made you perfect whether you refuse to believe it or not. But there are two types of beauty. Anyone can be beautiful by society's standards if they really want to be. Like I mentioned earlier, that only takes a bit of makeup, some surgery if necessary, and maybe even a little hair dye. 

But what is the hardest, rarest type of girl to find? A girl whose truly beautiful. They aren't beautiful by what the world depicts as beautiful (we are all pretty on the outside too, but the point is that looks don't matter in the big scheme of things). They are beautiful because of their kindness, their willingness to help, their service, and their HEART. But most importantly, what makes them beautiful is that God made them, and they acknowledge that they are His creation and not the world's- and that they cannot change, nor do they want to change what God gave them. It turns out that most girls attract healthy friends not by how much eye makeup they wear or how seemingly perfect their skin is- but by their character. Here's another little fact: God does not make ugly creation. Everything has beauty in some way. A fire can be both burning AND beautiful. In the same way, God's people that he creates in a perfect way are all beautiful. But the only way to make that beauty count is through the inside. That's lasting beauty: an undeniable devotion to the great Creator God. Everything else is only temporary. 

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

                                    -Proverbs 31:30

This whole article came from me sitting quietly in the lobby of my dance studio. I was just waiting on my ride to come and I heard a group of younger girls talking about some gorgeous girl...some popular girl with a bunch of makeup on all the time. It got me thinking how if their school has one, and so does mine, then every school has one. If every school has the so-called perfect girl, then prettiness is easy to find. I think girls struggle with seeing themselves as pretty because practically from birth we have all been shown at one time or another images of what “pretty” is. Society has always dictated pretty. You buy this and put it on and bam- now you are perfect. Over the years, this has been amplified through computers to create images that are nearly unattainable to humans. It’s ridiculous. We are all pretty in our own way. It doesn’t matter if that boy likes you are not. If you are only trying to be pretty simply to attract a boy’s eyes, it’s NOT WORTH IT. You may think it is now, but let me tell you- you are seriously missing out. God did not make you so that you would be measured by men. He did not make you to be measured in pounds or inches. Or by the quality of your skin. Or the size of your eyes. Or by the width of your thighs. Or by size of your head. Or by the amount of freckles you have. God made you to be measured in LOVE. All these little imperfections that you see everyday- God sees them as perfections. God’s view of perfect is not the world’s view of perfect. Who defined pretty? Magazines and Barbies from youth. Here’s what we all forget as we look in the mirror in the morning: Who truly defines beauty? God. And is that based on looks? No.

Say this in the mirror when you are feeling dejected, rejected, or downright insecure:

I am the Lord’s.


I was reading in the Bible that the people of Israel at one point were so passionate for God that they wrote this on their hands as a profession of faith and a reminder of God’s love for them. They don’t belong to anyone else and neither do you. You don’t belong to that boy- you belong to God.

So what are you living out right now? Are you attempting to be a daily model? Or are you striving to be the best ROLE model that you can be? It’s not always easy. But by inspiring others through your actions of love, faith, and purity daily, you may just discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.


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  • I can definitely relate to this, I wrote something similar to this in my own blog: When I was in school, I was different from the rest of them, I was in smaller classes and didn’t wear make up or have my hair perfect, I guess back then, I just didn’t really care about what I looked like. At that time, I was struggling in my walk with God, but when I was 22, I gave up my old way of life and let God take care of it, it is by far the best decision that I could’ve made. Thank God I’m not what I used to be, and Thank God I’m not where I’m supposed to be yet, but with God’s help, I’ll get there. God Bless and thank you for being able to share this with me.


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