Modesty on the Runway 2014

As the Fall/Winter 2014 Runway shows all around the world are now coming to a close, I was reminiscing about how unbelievably modest the majority of the collections were! From New York City to London, and Milan to Paris I was left speechless. Modesty is never a goal for these designers, but producing something unique, exquisite, and chic is!

Here are my 5 favorite modest trends from this season’s Runway Shows.

1. Structured Tops- Structured tops don’t mold to the curves of your body, they maintain their already established shape.  This year in Paris, designer Jacquemus became the king of structure with his thick material and definite shapes. Instead of a shirt hugging your every curve and leaving nothing to the imagination, these shirts increase your dignity and style points.

 structured Tops_Jacquemus2. Midi Skirts- One of my personal favorites is the midi skirt because it’s so chic, classic, and modest! I guess Christian Dior and I agree on this because his models were rocking them up and down the runway. A particular favorite of mine was this shiny red midi skirt with an angled hem.

Midi Skirt_Dior

3. Cocoon coats – Cocoon coats are everywhere, if you follow even one or two bloggers you have seen about 50 different ways to style them. The designer Chloe, typically known for oversized, effortlessly chic, boyfriend looks, did it so right with this cocoon coat. Cocoon coats create a super classic look when paired with everything from a shift dress to jeans and heels

 Cocoon Coat_Hermes

4. Turtle Neck- When I say turtleneck you say…chic? Who would have thought that this bad reputation trend would make it’s way back onto the runway and soon into the mainstream market. Giambattista Valli rocked the runway, as well as all of our thoughts about the death of the turtleneck, during his Runway Show in Paris. Turtlenecks are a fast train to no cleavages, or accidental slips!

 Turtle Neck_Giambattista Valli

5. Tights- One of my all time favorite designers effortlessly killed it on the runway in Paris this season, and did it while showing close to no skin. Balmain, known for exquisite fabrics and patterns, paired each of his looks with opaque black tights. Covering your legs with tights will keep your look modest, especially while wearing a short skirt, or high heels.



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