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Poodles, Bows & Fur



This is the part two of my photo shoot for K-Fab's Boutique, showing you ways to make shorts wearable in the fall! My favorite part of this outfit is the faux fur vest. I love fur vests because they can add style (and warmth) to any fall/winter outfit. If you aren't used to wearing fur as part of your outfit it can be a little intimidating at first, but totally worth it once you've mastered it with confidence! The mini poodles with bows pose as a subtle and cute details to the black blouse. I love black boots, but ones with a little extra shine and texture are key!











Vest: K-Fab's Boutique

Blouse: K-Fab's Boutique

Shorts: K-Fab's Boutique

Boots: Nine west

Sunglasses: K-Fab's Boutique


Photographer: Nasry Angel


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  • Love the look! I’m actually checking out the store soon, and from what you’ve posted, they have oodles of fab stuff!

    Alana Blanche Finnie

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