Puerto Rico: My Outfit & Meet my Family!


I've been enjoying Puerto Rico so much so far! Today we went on a bike tour of the city, we toured the Bacardi factory, and ate lots of good Puerto Rican Cuisine, tomorrow we plan on taking an adventure tour in the rain forest, and celebrating New Year's Eve together!

I went for a simple and classic look today, using black and white.




Ready to meet my family? This is my sister Jaclyn, she is the funny one of the family, great at doing impressions, and love sharing the bible with those who have never heard about it before!


Below is my sister Julia, she helps me take a lot of my photos and is currently a freshmen in college. She has so much compassion and is so naturally kind to literally everyone.


Meet my parents John & Mary Ann, my mom works in HR and my dad does Real Estate! They have been so supportive of everything I've done, and help motivate me towards my goals.

IMG_0576 2


  • Oh Joelle, you have no idea hoe happy you have made me, looking at the pictures of you and beautiful family whom I love so much. will be glad to see you all God bless you kiss all. as ever. Auntie.

  • Yes I do plan to go this year and look very much forward to attending! It was definitely worth it and lots of fun. Feel free to let me know if you decide to come perhaps around Feb 7th and 8th.

  • Aww thank you so much Christi!! Are you going this year??

  • Great post Joelle! It was great meeting you at CFW last year. You have such a beautiful family and great pictures by the way :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation in PR. Bests Christi Ogu

    Christi Ogu

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