Retail Recovery for the Overspender




“I always end up with NOTHING cute to wear!” Let’s sit back and think about the many thousand times we can recall ourselves thinking this overused statement aloud. Same verse, different day. am I right? You open up the doors to your wardrobe’s home: your closet. There before you, lies  an assortment of clothes ranging from cozy sweaters to sweet sun dresses. From the warm red and oranges to the cool aqua and violets organized into darks to R-O-Y-G-B-I-V to lights. Shifting your eyes from the left to the right, you can’t seem to find anything to wear for that certain Tuesday. The infamous, “I have nothing to wear.” statement is a bit of an exaggeration. The definition to “look cute”,  does not state--you must break the bank until you’re completely penniless. Believe it or not, there was a time or two where I found myself stuck in the place of the unanswered self-question, What should I wear for today? 

“You ALWAYS wear the CUTEST clothes! How much on average do you usually spend on every piece of clothing you own?!”, the familiar question I seem to be asked a million times over by friends, peers, and even family members. Although, it’s always strangely seems to be a mystery for most… it’s no secret to keep. Here are a few simple tips to follow:

 1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS hit sales racks FIRST!

Usually, you’ll find all of the biggest clearance items towards the tail-end of the store. Why? Their ideal want is to distract shoppers with the new exclusive items that are recent to the store-- ultimately gaining more profit versus the cheaper-marked off pieces located in the farthest corner of the store.


2. Pinterest and Wanelo Can Become Your Besties!

Although this might be an odd “tip-title”, in many ways Pinterest and Wanelo can be your go-to for what to buy. If you’re similar to me in terms of shopping, you’ll have an eye out for anything and everything cute that you may find fabulous and a MUST to buy-- which can create a problem or problems. Prior to the planned, extravagant shopping day, go through your “My Style” board on Pinterest or “Epic Wish List” on Wanelo and create a list of wants you see commonly throughout most of your pins that you find would be a definite closet essential.


3. Dig Into That Closet!

Similar to searching through your boards on Pinterest and Wanelo, don’t forget to do your own self check-up through your closet! As a previous sales associate at Plato’s Closet, we had a white-board of a list of items and pieces we had the most of, moderate, and least of, in which we needed the most. Whether that be on your handy accessible smart-phone or just a regular journal, make a list of items that you are in definite need of. For example, winter time is approaching, start stocking up on cozy sweaters or boots!


4. Online Coupons, Reward Cards, Stamp and Punch Cards are your Life SAVER!

The familiar punch cards, coupons, and stamp cards that are well-known and  offered at about every other store to shop at, but do you ever seize the opportunity and take advantage of what’s being handed out? It’s like free money! Don’t waste a moment of saving a few bucks that could turn into yet another outfit. 


5. Student ID Card? Instant Money Reduced Off Your Receipt!

Most public and private schools require every high school or college student to keep a student ID card with them at all times, most will carry them in their  wallets for easy access. Next time you stop by your favorite place to shop, ask the sales associate working the register if they give out discounts if you’re a student. Luckily, the Charlotte Russe nearest to where I live becomes even more fabulous by giving any student, with their ID card on-hand, a 10% discount off of the entire bill, regular price or not! (Does it get any better than this?)


6. Special Offers and Text Message Alerts

Typically, another promotion and helpful advertisement that becomes an aid  for not corporations alone, but us, as shoppers: a heads up on deals via text message! Most every store will offer text message alerts available to anyone. The question asked, “How do you always know when the best sales are going on?” Your answer simply found; just don’t forget to sign up for text messages to be updated on the BOGO deals.


7. Set a Budget!

And my big fat shopping secret is revealed… I never walk into the mall with a load of cash. Ever. Why?, a lot might ask… simply due to the fact, I’m that girl you’ll find who picks up anything and everything she finds reasonable to “need” and buy. Figuring you may have a similar issue? My best advice for you is to bring a certain amount of money with you that day:plenty of shopping money and just enough to grab a bite to eat or even a Starbucks coffee-- that won’t cause you to become completely broke.


8. Stop and Ask Yourself...

Always ask yourself, Do I REALLY need this? How many times will I end up wearing it? What can I pair it with? Will this be completely out of trend soon to where it’s collecting needed space in my closet? With these questions to keep in mind, it’ll aid to keeping in mind what’s needed and what’s not.



The most important rule to follow during this= process is to simply HAVE FUN. Don’t let this extravagant event become stressful and too overbearing for yourself to handle. Remember, this is “YOU” time. Open up your mind to different tastes that you might normally pass on, you never know… you may just find your new favorite style of a fabulous ensemble.


Happy Shopping and stay classy!




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  • Julia Janigan: Thanks for your feedback and compliments! I really appreciate it all! Charlotte Russe is very fabulous with student discounts! :)
    spiritandtruth1128: No problem! :) I’m glad God was able to give you more perspective as to how to spend your money wisely! Have a wonderful and blessed week!


  • Thank you so much. God has been opening my eyes to how much I overspend and don’t use my money wisely. Love this. Thanks!!!!

  • OMG Ya!! You look so good Gaga!! Yaaa!! Gaga YAA!!!!

    Cindy Lauper
  • Love this! I didn’t realize that Charlotte Russe offered 10% off with student discounts. Thats amazing! :) I also love the tip about looking for online coupons or getting text alerts. Such a smart idea!

    Julia Janigian

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