Snow Globe Style

FL7A2634 FL7A2642 FL7A2653 FL7A2661 FL7A2669

Hat: H&M

Top: H&M

Jacket: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Michael Kors

Photos: Abigail Jean Photography

If there is one fashion post to prove I am crazy, it's surely this one! From the photos, this scene may look relaxed and natural, but little do you know I just found out my car got towed, it was below freezing temperatures, my feet were turning into icicles, my friend was parked in the middle of the road to capture these moments, and we were about to drive on un plowed roads so I could find and shovel out my car... in this outfit, then pay $300 to get it back! There you have it... how easy it is to make unfubulous look fabulous, so to never be decieved by my photos or anyone else's! My partner in crime during this whole mess is my great friend and photographer Abigail Rhinehart from Abigail Jean Photography! My favorite thing about this look is the fact that it's all white, but combines many different textures. The all white pieces keep it chic, while the textures give it a modern feel as well. As you know I'm a fan of knee legnth skirts, and this is why! They don't look frumpy when they fit well. Just tuck a nice shirt into a high waisted skirt, throw a nice jacket over your shoulders, and add a hat to finish the look!  

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