Styling an Ugly Christmas Sweater

It seems like the Ugly Christmas sweater theme is getting more and more popular, but why does it have to be "Ugly?" I love dressing up for parties and various occasions around the Holiday's, why waste a perfectly good chance to look your best!? I admit I love the comfort of "Ugly Sweaters" and the hype it causes. I want to share some ways to make your Ugly Sweater look…not so Ugly!


1. Large Rhinestone Earrings to Match

I just think this look is so fun, and a great way to dress up a colorful sweater!

Katy Perry And John Mayer Attend "A Christmas Story, The Musical" Broadway Performance IMG_9949




2. Use Black legging (and heels) w/ Longer Sweaters

The one below may be a little short for leggings, but I wanted to give you a cute  example!






3. Pair it with a Flared Skirt

Love this look, but I actually would swear a baggier sweater for a more trendy look.




4. Add a Belt for a Nicer Fit

I would recommend using tights, for a warmer more modest look. I admit I also love the furry books!


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