The 5 Keys to Keeping your Resolution until 2015

I love New Years Resolution's because they bring hope. As you share about your grand plans for the coming year you bask in the vision of how those goals will change your life forever. What power does January 1st have that no other day of the year possesses? Well if history continues to repeat itself, then not much at all. Gyms around the world maybe triple their membership from January 1st to 3rd, but where does that magical new years power retreat to by the 4th? The truth is, a New Year's resolution in itself is no more powerful then any other goal you have set, and broken, a few days later. Here are some tips for keeping your New Year's Resolutions for 2014!

1. Pray

Truth be told, this is the one thing that is non negotiable in the success of a New Year's Resolution. Breaking a habit, or starting a new one, can not be done in your own strength, as tempting as it may be to try and try again. Only God can give you the self control, power, and perseverance that it takes to create a goal and stick to it. Go on your knees and earnestly pray for God to come into your heart and give you the strength you need to stick to it, you will need to do this each and every day!

2. Do it with a Friend

Find a close friend with the same New Year's Resolution as yours, make it a point to remind each other and ask each other about the resolution each day. If one person is feeling weak then the other will be there to push them along and visa versa. You can also ask your friend for prayer in areas that you are struggling with and need strength in.

3. Remember it's a decision, not a feeling

When setting a goal, or breaking a habit, there WILL be times where you are uncomfortable and have to do something not because you want to in that moment, but PURELY because you already made a decision to. You can't ask yourself, you must tell yourself! If you break it, don't let that KILL everything. Just like one unhealthy meal won't make you gain weight, one healthy meal won't make you loose weight. No excuses!

4. Daily Reminder

Maybe it's a bible verse about perseverance, something you write on your bathroom mirror, or even a prayer you pray every morning. Whatever it may be, set up reminders for yourself. Half the time you might not want to stick to the resolution, the other half of the time you might just forget to, especially if it's not part of your current routine. It's about taking it one hour, one day, one month at a time…a year feels to long, but an hour doesn't.

5. Set Specific Goals

This is the key to not being able to justify your way out of a goal. Don't set general goals with no concrete way to measure its success, set specific goals, whether it's with numbers, actions, time frames, etc. Instead of saying, "this year I'm going to grow closer to God," say "this year I'm going to go to church every sunday, and read the bible every day."  

Comment below your New Year's Resolutions!! <3

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