The Journey of My Sunday Dress

My name is Joelle Rose Angel (formerly Janigian), and I started a blog called My Sunday Dress about 4 years ago (time flies). The idea for my blog came to me as I was praying on my hands and knees in my bedroom (one of my first explicit experiences with divine inspiration). My goal was to talk about issues related to Christian women that weren’t often addressed in the church, I shared primarily through blog posts and YouTube.

As time went on I got worn out, balancing a full time job, and blogging was ALOT. I would take random non-planned breaks until recently I realized something had to change. Either I say a final farewell to My Sunday Dress as I knew it, or I make a change. Thinking back to that day 4 years ago when God put this call on my heart, I knew I couldn't say bye. So instead I decided to start selling Christian tee’s! Sounds like a split second decision, but it wasn’t. I had been working with another company for a while now to design shirts, but had never pulled the trigger to start selling.

Selling tees has allowed me to spread God’s word in a unique way that has been very refreshing. I still blog and share on YouTube, but now I feel a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you to those who have provided encouragement along the way, I wouldn’t be here without you (but really)!

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  • Nicole Weider

    I love your Christian tees! Great work Joelle God sees all of your effort!

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