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The Laws of Attraction

So today I was talking with my friend about relationships, guys, and God's role in all of it.  As a result an interesting question came up, what type of attraction should we value? People tell us not to value looks, looks will fade, etc, etc. Ok, fine, so then is attraction a bad thing? Is it something that just confuses us and causes unnecessary temptation?

I believe ATTRACTION is a good thing... you want to feel drawn to the person you are dating, am I right? I do not believe that admitting your attracted to a guy physically is BAD by any means, God designed sex and attraction for a reason and it's ok for us to value that to some extent.

ALTHOUGH, it should never be our driving force, it should never be used to justify red flags, or a reason to show him off. WHY? Well, one, because looks are temporary and one day those once luscious locks, will be no longer. and then attraction starts to fade...

If you want to be in a relationship with a GROWING ATTRACTION, one where you are more in love tomorrow then you are today, then put value on his relationship with God. For example if your attracted to your boyfriend because of his relationship with God, and he is growing closer to God, that attraction will ONLY GROW! How cool, right?!? It's such a simple concept that we need to look more deeply at! Colossians 3:2 "Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth."

Comment below other points of attraction that have the potential to grow greater with time?

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  • Thanks Sarah! It’s something I’ve thought about for a while, I’m glad I got to share it!

  • So often, relationships are seen as starting at a high but only to follow a downward trend as the years go by and the shallow attraction fades.
    I love that you shared the biblical perspective of it – that if your attraction is based on the other’s continuously growing relationship with God, then your attraction will actually follow an upward trend over time!

  • You’re right on Joelle!


  • LOVE this post, Joelle! The faith that my boyfriend and I share definitely enhances our relationship, as well as my attraction to him, so I can totally relate! :)

    Alana Finnie

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