The Religion of Morals

Romans 3:20 "For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are."

  This verse absolutely BLEW MY MIND! I was in Toronto, Canada when the speaker at a conference shared this verse, and then went on to clearly spell out what it meant. My whole life I believed that Christianity was about not having sex before marriage, and going to church every Sunday, you know…"Obeying the Law." For all those years I believed that this was what "set me apart" from the "bad people." (That's Embarrassing to share, but I want to be honest in case this is any of you.)   Thing about it this way, if some of us were "good enough" then we wouldn't need Jesus to die for us on the cross, and our sins wouldn't need to be forgiven because we wouldn't have any. The fact of the matter is, whether you've sinned ONCE or EVERY DAY of your life, your a sinner….and that's OK, it's a beautiful story of Jesus dying for you WHILE  you were sinning against him, that's how much he loves YOU. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Ask yourself if you TRULY believe you need Jesus, if deep down you don't always 100% believe that (which I struggle with daily), then pray for a deeper understanding of what it means to be a "sinner saved by grace." (read Ephesians 2:1-10)   God does have a purpose for declaring certain things right and wrong, and it is more then wise to obey him. Just like you would ask the creator of a children's toy how to care for it best, before ever asking the toy! But let's not get things wrong, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER YOU GET INTO HEAVEN OR NOT. Well Joelle what about, James 2:26 "…faith without works is dead." Works and/or Obeying God is something that will flow naturally from you when you have the faith first. Doing the right thing is not in our "nature" as humans, we must get the strength from God to do things that are "good," so go ahead and pray for that strength, but remember that it comes from God, your heavenly father who loves you!   Love you girls!! This is a hard topic, please email me any questions at <3 Please comment bellow!!!



  • Exactly how good is good enough? Nobody knows…

    Pentheus Makarios
  • I completely agree with everything you said, that is some deep, powerful, and true insight! Email me if you are interested in writing a post for the blog Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective, that really is the core of having an ability to do anything good, it’s that transformation and the power of the holy spirit in you so that you can not boast! Thanks again for your comment J!

  • Thanks for sending those sermons!

  • Only Jesus is good enough, that’s why we need him :)

  • It’s even harder to understand because in following the faith many find their preferences change, things they used to enjoy, which some might describe as “sinful” lose their luster. It’s good to keep this in mind because many many Christians think of Christianity as something that the morally elite belong to, and look down on outsiders. But really Christianity is something that actively transforms members who follow it – so that none of those who act “righteous” can actually claim credit for it. Those that think the purpose of Christianity is to make us better people apart from the rest of humanity dumb it down to an exclusive goody-goody club (which, admittedly, I’ve seen happen from time to time – and is kind of an self-conflicting approach to the idea of Christianity). We have to remember that the majority of Jesus’ conflicts were with the moral, religious institutions of his day. He didn’t attack sinners, but instead the people who were doing all they could to be holy. It’s really a difficult subject to wrestle with when you look at it from that perspective.


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