Transition from Summer to Winter



I love this outfit from K-Fab's Boutique, it is a perfect example of how to transition your summer wardrobe to work in the cooler weather!  These super cute scalloped shorts can be worn to dress up a summer look or paired with leggings for a trendy fall and winter look. I also love the houndstooth shirt, the long sleeves make it comfortable for the winter but the material and pattern give you an instant classic look! In the winter we tend to wear darker colors but you can liven that up with contrast, as seen using white in the shirt, and by adding a little shine with the knee high boots! You can get this look at K-Fab's Boutique located on Elm Street in Manchester, NH for more information click here!











Shirt: K-Fab's Boutique

Shorts: K-Fab's Boutique

Boots: Nine West

Bag: Vintage Chanel


Photos by Nasry Angel

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