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Tweed Trousers

DL3A5463 DL3A5469 DL3A5481 DL3A5471 DL3A5485 My best friend Talin and I arrived in NYC early Saturday morning, meaning we had to wake up at 4am! We drove to Conneticut and took the MTA right into NYC! This was my first time at New York Fashion week and right when I stepped into the streets I could see signs of it everywhere. We checked into our hotel to start and wasted no time before we began shooting our first outfit before the show. I chose these high wasted pants I snagged from Goodwill for $3.99, and my infamous authentic Chanel purse from there as well! This entire look was pulled together with my favorite structured hat from H&M, I just feel like it makes every outfit more fashionable!! Thanks to Talin from the blog The Half Full Mug for the photos!! Keep following my fashion week posts for the full story (to be continued)! xox, Joelle


  • Joelle! Your style is so full of personality and it’s so chic…yet modest! I’m truly glad we found each other through the modest fashion loop on IG. The fashion blogosphere is vast, but there are so few ladies who blog about fashion and faith as well as you do. Here’s to being new blogging buddies! :)

    Liz @ Downtown Demure

    Downtown Demure
  • Your pictures are fantastic! Love all your accessories
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  • Such a fun weekend! Let’s go back! Loved this look too! ❤️

  • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it!!

    My Sunday Dress
  • Your dresses gives a decent look and i love this trendy Trousers. Such a gorgeous image i have found here. Thanks for sharing..


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