Zig Zag Romper


Romper: Bahamas

Purse: Flea Market

Watch: Michael Kors

Shoes: DSW


This romper is really fun to wear in the summer, and can be dressed up with high heels or dressed down with flats, or a cute pair of sandals.  Wearing a romper (one piece shirt and shorts combo) with some bold jewelry is a quick and easy way to make a fashion statement.  For a classy look if your wearing anything with a bold patterns it's usually best to pair it with a sold colored purse.



  • Thanks Julia!! Your blog is really nice as well… Miss Bedford, so exciting! Yes photo shoot soon <3

    Joelle Janigian
  • Joelle!! I absolutely loveee this outfit! You’re so beautiful, you should really consider something in the fashion world as a career lol. Miss you!! :)

    - Jennifer Prudencio

  • Love your watch! <3 Please follow me! We are going to plan a photo shoot together for our blogs.

  • Sarine!! Your the sweetest, thanks for your super nice comment! Hopefully I’ll see you at the Belmont Bazaar, I believe it’s next Saturday! I had sooo much fun with you this weekend! <3

    Joelle Janigian
  • Joelle!!!! You’re so pretty in that outfit! You really should consider a modeling job:) Love you and hope to see you soon<3

    Sarine Ashjian

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