Ministry Partner Program

We are extremely excited to partner with ministries & individuals looking to raise financial support. We are extremely excited to offer an affiliate program in which you receive a percentage of every sale that you drive to our site.

How it works

1. You are provided a ministry code to share with your community.

2. Upon checkout of your partners will enter your ministry code.

3. x% of all profits tied to your code will go directly to supporting your ministry.

To Join

Reach out to us at to provide information on your ministry and share any relevant details. From there we will set you up with a ministry code to share with your community.


What is required to join?

There are no financial obligations during any point in this program. This is a commitment free program. All we ask is that you share your code with your community.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can make through this program?

Nope, no limit, if it's tied to your order, it's your $.

Is there a minimum amount I have to reach before I get my payouts.

Nope, even if there is one order tied to your code you will receive x% of that order.

How often will I get the payouts from my orders?

Whatever is agreed upon between you and us. This will be done on a case by case basis, especially if there is a certain date you need to raise money by, we will work with you to meet your timely goals.

How will I get paid?

This will depend on whether you are raising funds with an organization or independently. In most cases we will submit the funds directly to your account in your organization's gifting portal. If this is not the case Venmo and Paypal are our preferred payment methods. It is free to register for an account on either platform.  

How do you know which sales are attributed to me?

There are two ways for your partners to attribute sales to you. One is for them to use a link that we will provide for you, and the second is that they can enter your ministry code at checkout. As long as one of these two things happen, we can tell which sales are attributed to you.

How long will my code be active for?

This will vary due to the nature of your ministry. We will work with each of you individually to tailor to the needs and goals of your ministry.